Get Up Stand Up!
Project Manager – Young People’s programme 
New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK.
September 2014 to March 2015
Get Up Stand Up! is a collaborative project between New Art Exchange and NCCL at The Galleries of Justice Museum, Nottingham, UK; exploring the themes of migration, oppression, international civil rights and the justice system. New Art Exchange and its artistic team of visual artists, script writers, theatre makers, musicologists, architects, digital audio & visual specialists, activists have been working with primary schools, youth groups and organisations from across Nottingham and beyond.

The Galleries of Justice were awarded funding for Get Up Stand Up from the Arts Council England Renaissance Strategic Support.  Galleries of Justice Museum are working in partnership with New Art Exchange,to create the artistic and digital guide with participants, and work with young people in the city to create the content and raise awareness of the subject matter.

For ‘Get Up Stand Up’ participants were introduced and responded to, the history of the 50’s & 60’s Civil Rights Movement in America, focusing on the key figures of Martin Luther King Jnr and Malcolm X.

Participants explored the British judicial system, profiling the landmark case of  Stephen Lawrence to raise awareness of racially motivated murder and the broader context of discrimination, then and now. Get Up Stand Up will also encourage young people to discuss the conditions that led to the UK 2011 summer riots and the legacy they created.

The aim of the project was to inspire a new generation to find their own innovative way of reacting to the subject matter, whilst creating a contemporary approach to museum interpretation.


Get Up Stand Up! Celebration at New Art Exchange 2015.

Young people:
Take 1 Learning Centre and recording studios.
Chat bout (19 to 21 years) – An organisation of young people with voices and opinions involved in shaping their community.
YMCA digital group (14 to 19) at NGY Nottingham.
Get Up Stand Up young people’s blog

Get Up, Stand Up Team
New Art Exchange/Galleries of Justice
Executive Producer Skinder Hundal, Project Director Sooree Pillay, Music Director Bernard Schimpelsberger, Assistant Producer Josh Pickering, Artist Educator: Sian Watson-Taylor, Digital mapping and installation Juneau Projects ,Executive Producer Tim Desmond (CEO of Galleries of Justice), Executive Director Pollie Shorthouse (Executive Director of NCCL).




“Die in” for Black Lives Matter. Nottingham UK, December 2014.

Get Up Stand Up “Dialogues”
May to September 2015
New Art Exchange  
Performance Space, 6pm to 8pm.
A collaboration with the Centre for Research in Race and Rights (C3R) at the University of Nottingham.

Curating/*Chairing a series of discussions about current social justice issues with activists, community leaders, and academics in conversation with young people/artists from the Get Up Stand Up Project. Each dialogue will feature material from the project that will provoke conversation, stimulate audience debate and final action points that encourage personal acts of social activism, in response to the following key topics.

“Modern-Day Slavery: How to Make the Anti-slavery Past Usable
7th May 2015*
Panel: Kevin Bales (Walk Free), Zoe Trodd (C3R) and Faith Gakanje (The African Women’s Empowerment Forum)*

“Grassroots Activism: How to Make Black Lives Matter”
4th June 2015*
Panel: Lisa Robinson (Bright Ideas Nottingham), Peter Ling (C3R) and Cecile Wright (Labour Black Network)*

“Racial Equality and Antiracism: How to Rethink Identity and Belonging”
9th July 2015 *
Panel: Jagdish Patel (The Monitoring Group), Janna Graham (C3R), Lauri Johnson (Boston College)

“Cultural Activism: How to Make Black Histories Visible”
20th August 2015
Panel: Lubaina Himid (Institute for Black Atlantic Research), Celeste-Marie Bernier (C3R) and  Bo Olawoye (Freelance Learning & Engagement Curator): Presentation “Radical engagement Projects and Approaches” Chair: Zoe Trodd (C3R)

“Black Men and Invisibility: How to Rethink the Criminal Justice System”
10th September 2015*
Panel: Dr Martin Glynn (Centre for Applied Criminology, Birmingham University), Dr Vivien Miller (C3R) and Harminder Singh (Warwick Business School/University of Warwick).

Get Up Stand Up! “Dialogues”
Developed in partnership with Zoe Trodd, Professor and Chair of American Literature -Department of American and Canadian Studies at the University of Nottingham and Sooree Pillay (NAE), Artistic Director, Get Up Stand Project.  CR3 were awarded Funding from the British Academy Rising Star Engagement (BARSEA) to pay for the guest speakers.




Morley merchandise

Morley merchandise

Learning Curator
Jan – Dec 2015
The Samuel Morley Learning Programme 
Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund
BACKLIT Gallery & Studios, Nottingham, UK.

Throughout 2015 Backlit aims to reinterpret the heritage of the little known, Nottinghamshire, Victorian textiles manufacturer, philanthropist and social reformer, Samuel Morley.

The Samuel Morley Programme plans to take a new approach to exploring heritage, connecting with people do not usually engage with history, the arts and cultural venues.

The Morley Learning Programme aims to:
Engage and collaborate with local residents from St Anns, a large council estate and Sneinton. Both areas are predominantly working class, ethnically diverse with families on low incomes and may feel excluded from heritage sites or cultural venues.

To bring history out of the traditional ‘museum’ space and in to a community setting on the edges of Nottingham city.

Through this process of informal meetings and discussions with SATRA Central (The St Ann’s Tenants & Residents Association), The Renewal TrustSneinton Alchemy, and ROOTS UP Nottingham, I have established a great ongoing relationship amongst these key community leaders and groups. This resulted in the content for The Morley Learning Programme being designed by local people and will include:

MORLEY fashion show – Clothing and customised garments designed by St Ann’s residents, taking inspiration from the Samuel Morley story.

Finding Samuel Morley –  Exploring the legacy of Samuel Morley through photography, documenting relevant historical sites and buildings across Nottingham.

“Penny sessions” – Three creative projects working with different groups combining, history, textiles and archive material related to Samuel Morley. Key audience: 16 to 65+

Community Ambassadors: Recruiting ten community volunteers to assist with the learning programme and staff the community archive built from the public’s donations of past and present experiences of Alfred House, in connection with I&R Morley.

Archive Manager & ConsultantHelena Tomlin