2008 – 2012 Learning and Access Officer
Nottingham Contemporary, UK.

‘Byronic’ Education Programme
Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire.
July – August 2008

Curating unique free activities for families inspired by ‘That Beautiful pale face is my fate’ (for Lord Byron) – A group exhibition of contemporary artists responding to the myth and legend of Lord Byron at Newstead Abbey, July to September 2008.
Participants:  Families from the Broxtowe estate, Radford, Hyson Green and across Nottingham who had never visited Newstead Abbey or engaged with contemporary art.



Byron, celebrity and me! Image by Sian Stammers.

Byron, celebrity and me!
Photographer Sian Stammers, celebrates the iconic portraits of Byron, inviting visitors to recreate his classic poses through photographic portraits.  Using gothic backdrop, props, costumes and lighting participants  explored Byron’s celebrity image.  By stepping into Byron’s shoes and those of other famous people, participants examined the creation of a contemporary celebrity.  Visitors worked with the photographer to set the scene and enhance the photographs ready to print and take home.



A dandy high tea. Image by Julian Hughes.

A dandy high tea.
Performance artist and educator Annette Foster (UK/US) led a unique interactive tour of Newstead Abbey.
Using the contemporary exhibition as a resource the tour included practical and discussion based activities, throughout Newstead Abbey. Participants discovered new and fascinating details about Byron and the artworks through performance and story telling, mixing fact with fiction.



Out of place, out of time. Image by Julian Hughes.

Out of place, out of time.
Live artist and educator, Sam Rose led a fun interactive activity based workshops inspired by the artwork in the exhibition. The workshops introduced the contemporary artworks on display by looking at the themes present in the exhibition and introducing exciting ways of looking at artworks.




Manning School for Girls.

Schools consultation programme
Imaginary spaces and places
January – March 2009
Developing a creative consultation sessions on site at three Nottingham City Schools (Primary, Secondary and Special Education Needs) programme to raise awareness of Nottingham Contemporary in the run up to opening, ensuring that a diverse selection of potential audiences and partners begin to develop a sense of ownership of the space.  Working in partnership with Artist Educator Rosny Hayward, children explored what are a gallery spaces, the outside space and architecture.  Participants designed and built their own ‘imaginary’ gallery spaces.
Project partners:  Haydn Primary School, Manning School for Girls and Rosehill School.