Arts & Place Regional Conversation
Primary, Nottingham.
6 March 2018
“Working with communities and challenging the language of funding”
Co-chairing with Suzannah Bedford, The Renewal Trust.
We will discuss the phrase “hard to reach” that sound negative when describing communities. In reality local people are just “not involved” in the arts taking place where they live. What are the positive descriptions and approaches we could use that might lead to real change in the work of arts and community?

Arts and Place will
 delve into questions around embedding the arts and artists in place: bringing together artists, programmers, architects, planners and community workers. This event is 
part of a series of conversations gathering regional voices held by the Arts and Place Working Group, part of the Place Alliance.



“Empowering young people through creativity”
Emerge – Artists Training
The Mighty Creatives & UK Young Artists
8 January 2018
University of Derby
Delivering the above talk about my approach to engagement and creative session around engaging communities through art. Using mind popping as a tool for for young artists to reflect on their own individual projects.

Emerge provides young artists aged between 18-30 the opportunity to work with children and young people in under-represented locations around the UK to organise a multi disciplinary arts festival.



Guest speaker 
Arts Policy & Management (MA)
Birkbeck University of London
30 November 2017



Sarah Turner ‘Public House’
Chairing the screening & discussion – The pub as a place for resistance
Nottingham Contemporary
12 October 2017
The documentary Public House tells the story of the Ivy House Pub in Peckham. The Ivy House Pub was sold to developers in 2012 – bought by the community and reopened in 2013. After the screening artist Sarah Turner will be in conversation discussing community-led movements against gentrification and the privatisation of the public space.  Speakers include Gisella Sobarasua and Tom Hughes.




Art, Public +The Commons. Image by Rebecca Beinart

Art, Public +The Commons. Image by Rebecca Beinart

Art, Public & The Commons: Lab
Primary, Nottingham
20-21 September 2017

Participating in a two-day lab which will provide space for reflection and critical conversation for groups, educators and artists (UK, Berlin & India) working with public space, participation and social change.




Presenting at Studiobook 2017. Image by Jack Welsh.

Presenting at Studiobook 2017. Image by Jack Welsh.

What is public engagement & socially engaged practice?
Guest speaker & facilitator
STUDIOBOOK 2017 Programme for artists
Mark Deveraux Projects, Manchester.
21 July 2017




New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK.

New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK.

“Creative projects for the people, by the people”
Guest speaker
THE SOCIAL: Socially engaged practice
6 April 2017
Creative Scene, West Yorkshire.





Image credit: The Anti-Gallery.

Radical Black Art Working Convention Revisited
18 – 19 March 2017
Nottingham Contemporary
Co-hosting both days with Cindy Sissokho – Touring Progamme Co-ordinator, Nottingham Contemporary.




BLMUK: Nottingham activists protest 17.6.16. Image credit Tom Platinum Morley.

“politics+social justice+community activism +creativity = Me”
Guest speaker
shifting loyalties
Idle women
Pendle, Lancashire.
8 – 12 December 2016
This gathering (informal conference) offers a space for women to hold critical conversations, build connections and friendships, excavate our histories and forge a different future.

What can we do to address the urgency of global violence against women, from domestic violence to wars, media representation to pay gaps, reproductive rights to the silencing of creative and political voice?
Contributors included: Silvia Federici, Karen Mirza, Rahila Gupta, Jesse Jones, Sarah Browne, Claire Heuchan and Beatrix Campbell.





Slavery & community history discussion

‘Unspeakable Things Unspoken:’
Transatlantic Slavery – A Public Conversation
The October Dialogues 2016
12 -13 October
The Space, Nottingham Contemporary.
Chairing the discussion, slavery and community history.
Guest panel: Lisa Robinson (Bright Ideas) and Toyin Agbetu (Ligali) This conference will examine the ways in which slavery has figured in public history in Britain. It will consider how academic history has shaped public perceptions of slavery and how public debate has challenged and inspired scholarship. It will give critical attention to the ways in which slavery and colonialism has shaped both our public and academic history institutions. Watch footage of October Dialogues here



“In an ideal world, we wouldn’t be having this conversation…”
Guest speaker
OPEN16: Decolonising the Campus/Decolonising the Arts
Lancaster Arts, Lancaster University
12 May 2016
Decolonising the Campus / Decolonising the Arts broadly aimed to investigate what it means to create an ethnically diverse culturally rich programme.

In response to the Symposium themes I discussed examples of innovative models of creative engagement projects and approaches that go beyond ‘tokenistic’ programming. My presentation featured the ground breaking approach of New Art Exchange – the largest gallery in the UK dedicated to culturally diverse contemporary art and recent projects that explore social issues, politics and activism.



Beyond Academia – “Survival Guide” Photography & Community Engagement
Visiting Lecturer 
BA Photography 3rd year students
Faculty of Art & Design
University of Wolverhampton
4 November – 9 December 2015
Through presentations and one-to-one tutorials advising students on how to “Survive” the early stages of their creative careers and the options available.



What is public engagement and how are artists embedding this in their practice?
Facilitating with Elizabeth Wewiora
STUDIOBOOK 2015/16 – A new development programme for artists
Mark Devereux Projects Manchester
20 November 2015
A discussion and one to one sessions exploring public engagement and how artists are embedding this within their practice. The aim of the half day session is to challenge the sometimes-traditional view of participatory arts to explore the vast range of possibilities in terms of the range of audiences, content and even location.



Policy Engagement Workshop: Art, Activism & Communities
“Urban Arts Practice from Below”
Facilitating with Janna Graham and Rob Howie Smith
Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership
Nottingham University
25 November 2015
This workshop is part of a series of discussions taking place under the heading ‘Cultural Policy from Below’ which asks what current practices in community-led, grassroots and activist cultural production might lend to propositions for cultural policy.
My Presentation: Grassroots community-led projects that focus on the issues that people care about beyond stated policy agendas.



Gallery talk: Samuel Morley
A visual profile of the man and his beliefs
The Morley College Gallery, London.
30 January 2015
Content: An introduction to Samuel Morley and how his forward thinking approach to supporting the rights of “the working classes” are still being fought for and are relevant to our lives today.
Event organised as part of Backlit’s touring House of the Flying Wheel exhibition to the Morley College.  Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund.



Visiting lecturer Faculty of Art, Design and Technology,
Derby University UK
BA Photography 3rd year students
9 October 2013
Content: Developing/curating learning projects working in collaboration with community groups.



Visiting lecturer Goldsmiths University, London UK.
5 December 2012
MA Participatory & Community Arts Course
Presenting ‘Learning on the edge’ – an informal presentation showcasing my approach and experience of developing learning programmes working at contemporary art venues and festivals in Nottingham.